Our Partners

We carefully select our partners based on a number of stringent criteria. Read more about our partner selection process here.

Founded in 1996, PREVAC is a world leading manufacturer of deposition and analysis systems based for vacuum technology dedicated to the investigation of chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces, thin films and nanomaterials.

Offers a broad range of cryogenic systems and equipment customized to meet your research needs. They adapt open and closed cycle systems for every application, like

  • optical spectroscopy
  • electrical measurements
  • sample in vacuum or gas atmosphere
  • high magnetic field applications
  • internal sample positioning systems
  • external sample manipulators
  • various combinations of different applications, e.g. electro-optical or magneto-optical measurements

With nearly 40 years of experience in building customized cryogenic systems for research and industry, Cryovac is are able to design and manufacture cryogenic systems based upon the experimental needs and your specifications.

Over 30 years of experience in development and manufacture of electrical heating elements, electronic temperature regulators and thermal insulation systems for industrial and research usage as well as development and manufacture of electronic temperature regulators.

Dr. Gassler Electron Devices GmbH is a centre of excellence for the design and manufacture of professional Electron Guns for various applications.

With expertise in electron-optics calculations and precision manufacturing their core products include high end cathode ray tubes for avionic and special applications, RHEED electron systems and x-ray guns for medical and industrial purposes.

Dr. Gassler Electron Devices traces back to the old traditional German company AEG, which became Thomson CSF, Thales and Samtel and offers more than 70 years of experience in the custom design of high precision electron guns, components and complete systems.

Since 1992, CreaTec Fischer & Co. GmbH has been a manufacturer of custom-designed and application-oriented systems and components for ultra high vacuum (UHV) and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). More than 30 years of expertise of the CEO in constructing and designing UHV equipment enables CreaTec to respond to the most sophisticated customer requirements. The company has grown continuously, and in 2000 the UHV low-temperature scanning tunnelling microscope (LT-STM) became an essential part of CreaTec’s products.

CreaTec has decades of experience in construction and design of a complete range of UHV equipment. This allows CreaTec to realize even the most difficult customer requirements, including MBE systems for organic materials and automated UHV transfer systems, and a lot of other UHV system components.

CreaTec has about 30 employees specialized in the areas of MBE, UHV equipment and components, and LT-STM/AFM.

The MBE and UHV equipment activities are located at the headquarters in Erligheim near Stuttgart, Germany. There, over twenty employees are working on product development and construction of custom-designed equipment, production of special parts from materials such as molybdenum, tantalum, stainless steel and other materials, assembly of UHV instrumentation in a class 10 clean-room, design and manufacturing of electronics, etc.

In the satellite lab located in the Berlin-Adlershof research campus, the UHV LT-STM/AFM instrumentation is developed and manufactured.