The RHEED software SAFIRE is a powerful and easy to use RHEED evaluation tool. It combines sophisticated evaluation algorithms with extensive opportunities for data representation and documentation. SAFIRE can handle an arbitrary number of parallel measurements and offers fast real-time data exchange with MBE controller for closed feedback loop operation. Multiple measurements can be stored in the same display for comparison. The temporal resolution in all measurement modes is 20 ms, Kikuchi line analysis, azimuthal scans, integration with 16 bit resolution and on-chip-integration keep you at the forefront of RHEED research.


  • Exposure time: N x 2ms (analog), 1-10000ms (digital)
  • Sensors: Unlimited number and shapes
  • Point scan: Integrated intensity of sensor versus time
  • Line scan: Intensity along line versus time
  • Plane scan: Movie-like 2D intensity distribution
  • Hard disk recorder: 1:1 recording of live image to hard disk
  • Pre-trigger: Live arbitrary length buffer of measurement
  • Triggers: Other measurements, sensor intensities, external signals
  • Time stamp: Exact date and time recorded with each measurement
  • Repeat scan: Synchronous repetitions of measurements stored in the same data set
  • Peak spacing: Separation of reflections (lattice constant)
  • Peak width: FWHM of reflections (island size)
  • Averaging: Integration in memory up to 16 bit dynamic range
  • Kikuchi line analysis: Fitting of pattern: mis-orientation, crystal potential
  • Radar scan: Horizontal 2D cuts through reciprocal space
  • Slice: Plane and line scans; horizontal (space/time) and vertical
  • Integrate: Plane and line scans; horizontal (space/time) and vertical
  • Fourier transform: Plane and line scans; horizontal (space/time) and vertical
  • Sine fit: point scans; analyses variable period
  • Multitasking: Measurements can run in parallel, independent of each other
  • Export format: ASCII, TIFF

Standard Configuration

  • Operating system: Windows XP and higher
  • Camera support: Analog or digital

SAFIRE Ultimate

The Safire Digital Ultimate system features the brand new pco.edge camera. With a resolution of 5.5 megapixels, extremely low noise, a frame rate of 100 fps and a dynamic range of 22,000 : 1, Safire Digital Ultimate defines the new gold standard for RHEED image acquisition systems. With more than four orders of magnitude dynamic range, intensity variations similar to x-ray diffraction measurements can be captured with a single exposure. At the same time, the ultrahigh spatial resolution allows you to catch the shape of even very sharp peaks in the pattern with enough data points to allow fitting. And all this is possible with more than enough time resolution to catch fast transient features during growth.


  • Turn-key system installed on PC
  • Turn-key system installed on rack-mount server
  • Different camera lens according to customer specification
  • Phase locking with substrate rotation
  • Integration with EMERALT real-time control system for growth control /RHEED gun control
  • Complete with camera holder and camera
  • SAFIRE entry without camera if you already have a camera or want to buy your own

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