RHEED Screens & Holders

Our partner, Dr. Gassler Electron Devices GmbH, manufactures RHEED Screens on its own production line in Germany. Next to standard sizes, custom formats and special configurations screens can be produced with short lead times. Screens are manufactured with a serigraphic printing machine. For conduction we can provide a direct ITO coating on the glass or an aluminium coating on the back of the phosphor. This aluminium back coating yields in a significant higher light output to the viewer. All light which otherwise would be lost towards the vacuum chamber gets immediately reflected to the viewers direction. Additionally all light produced in the chamber from glowing substrates or elsewhere, is blocked by the optical dense aluminium coating, resulting in a much better contrast.

For best results, we offer custom coated RHEED screens. To increase sensitivity we match the phosphor and activator compound to your camera's spectrum. All manufactured under stringent quality control in Germany.

RHEED Screens

RHEED Screen Holder