5 kV to 30 kV RHEED Systems

15 kV RHEED Gun
30 kV RHEED GunPower supply and remote control

High performance electron-optics design

At the heart of this RHEED electron gun sits an electron-optical design developed for professional high resolution Cathode Ray Tubes. Internal magnetic dipole and quadrupol corrections of the electron beam guarantee best shape, Gaussian beam profile. An indirectly heated Mixed-Metal-Type cathode developed for space applications delivers steady current for many years (tested for 15 years continuous operation).


Electron energy 5 - 15 kV 7 - 30 kV
Max. Current 1 mA 300 µA
Beam spot size 70 µm
Focus Lens Electrostatic
Deflection magnetic X-Y
Beam Rocking
Beam Blanking
Mounting Flange DN 40 CF
Remote control Yes
Interlock Yes
Bakeout temperature 200°C
Length 242 mm 318 mm


  • Superior beam quality without degradation
  • Long life electron-source, no replacement of filament
  • Electrostatic focus - no magnetic focus coil adjustment
  • Fully computerized power supply and remote control

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